Traditional Feng Shui

Where did it come from?

traditional feng shuiFeng shui understood traditionally is part of an Eastern cosmology called the 3 Lucks. The first is Heavenly Luck which is considered our basic human blueprint-what we are born with. The second, is Human Luck which relates to our personal development throughout our lifetime and the third, is Earth Luck which seeks to understand the laws of nature as it relates to our environment. The Chinese believe we have influence over the later two Lucks, human and earth.

It is considered very fortunate when a person acquires even a bit of knowledge about Earth Luck during their lifetime.

The Chinese art of placement called feng shui pertains to Earth Luck. This refers to the optimum conditions brought about in nature and our environment for balance and harmony.

The Mandarin pronunciation of feng shui is "fung shway" and in English translates into wind and water. This Chinese Poem describes wind and water in a harmonious state.

The Winds are Wild...The Sun is Warm...The Water is clear...The Trees are Lushquoted text

Classical Feng Shui holds the key to understanding your home in relationship to it's surroundings; whether it be landscape, cityscape or a suburban setting. This ancient art translates very well into our modern times and brings about a whole new perspective on how to achieve balance in your living space.

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Although the history of feng shui may seem complex and esoteric the essentials once grasped are simple, practical and very useful. The modern feng shui consultant is able to adapt these ancient precepts for a modern environment. 


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